Distant Healings with Reiki have all the benefits of a face to face Reiki Healing session. Time and distance are no barriers, a healing can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world and the results are just as effective as if they were in the same room as the practitioner. Healing can also be sent to the past which have caused us pain or trauma, present issues, future for goal or wishes to help heal issues on all levels.

These sessions work really well for those who can‘t actually come in for a one on one healing session and they are great for you and your family and your loved ones and even your pets.

Ancient MeditatION Healing:

It is a spiritual healing, is a completely natural process. Practitioner into the state of shuniya, the mind of deep relaxation in the true identity of practitioner becomes transcendent and in the vastness of this consciousness healing can occur. The state is a pure meditative absorption between the practitioner and the clients, the Divine.

Helps relief physical pain and discomfort. Release depression ans anxiety. Experience of calm, deep relaxation and balance.

 Please note: Ancient Meditation Healing has to be done in synchrony between Practitioners and Clients.

Send your enquire at least 2 days ahead to arrange the
date and time

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